Hi Ex-Foam Generators (FCHX-2)

FIRECHEM Hi Ex Foam Generators are used for total foam flooding in enclosed areas and also act as a powerful smoke extractor.They require no other source of power such electricity or gasoline engines. They are powered by the foam solution driving a hydraulics (water) motor. The expansion of the foam solution is achevied by spraying the solution onto a stainless steel screen, and then an air stream created by the fan attached to the motor forces air through the screen to produce a mass of foam bubbles. The continuous flow of the foam solution and the movement of air through the screen will generate large volumes of foam.Typical hazards where FIRECHEM High Expansion Foam Generators may be used to provide fire protection are:In addition to the above hazard types involving Class A and B fires, high-expansion foam is effective in controlling liquefied natural gas (LNG) fires by blocking heat feedback from the flames to the LNG thereby reducing the vaporization rate.High-expansion foam is also effective in reducing vapor concentrations downwind from un-ignited LNG and other hazardous low-boiling-point gaseous products such as ammonia spills.FIRECHEM High-expansion foam generators are designed in accordance with NFPA 11 Standard for“Low, Medium and High-Expansion Foam System.”PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAREAS OF APPLICATIONLNG Tank Farms / Loading FacilitiesFlammable Liquid Storage AreasHazardous Waste Storage FacilitiesShipboard Engine Rooms, Bilges and HoldsRoll Paper WarehouseChemical Storage FacilitiesFlammable Liquid Packaging AreasCable TunnelsAircraft HangarsAPPROVALSHIGH EXPANSION FOAM GENERATORFIRECHEM Hi Ex-Foam Generators (FCHX-250) are designed to expand foam solution in to millions of tiny stable bubbles in which the foam solution is expanded in volume to a range of 200:1 to 450:1 approximately depending on the generator selected, solution flow rate, foam concentrate and the operating pressure.
The extinguishing mechanisms of FIRECHEM Hi Ex Foam Generator (FCHX-250) involve a combination of the following:HOW THE PRODUCT WORKSSPECIFICATIONS OF FCHX-250TECHNICAL / PERFORMANCE DATA (±5%)FOAM OUTPUT MINIMUM INLET WATER PRESSURE (BAR)5.0NOMINAL WATER INFLOW (LPM)170FOAM EXPANSION RATIO (FIRECHEM HI EX FOAM)(CALCULATED)1:250 - 1:40075000 (max)IPM (approx)M3 / MIN (approx)75PROPORTIONING (INDUCTION) TO SUIT CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTFIXED - 2% / 3% or VARIABLE - 2% to 6 %DIMENSION (APPROX.)LENGTH (MM)WIDTH (MM)HEIGHT (MM)WITH BUILT-IN FOAM INDUCTORWITHOUT BUILT-IN FOAM INDUCTOR310630630310490630SMOKE EXTRACTION (±5%)Z INLET WATER PRESSURE (BAR)SMOKE EXTRACTION CAPACITY (M3 / MINI)7.0100 Appx*MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION(10M LONG)BODY / SHELLNOZZELFOAM SCREENCOUPLING PIPING & INDUCTORFANTURBINEFOAM DUCT S.S. (304 GRADE)BODY / SHELLS.S. (304 GRADE)G.M. / AL. ALLOY / BRASSK.F. / S.SGM / AL. ALLOY / S.SCORROSION RESISTENTAL. ALLOYG.M.POLYTHENE(DSPOSABLE TYPE)Optional : (With Extra Cost)Smoke Trunk : 10M Long Special ConstructionFree air movement necessary for continued combustion is reduced.Water content of the foam being converted to steam dilutes the oxygen concentration to a level below that necessary to support combustion.Cooling to a temperature below the combustion point or auto-ignition temperature of Class A or Class B fuels occurs as water is converted to steam.Reduced surface tension of the foam solution draining from the expanded foam penetrates into Class A materials extinguishing deep seated fires.Insulating and heat reflective properties of the foam blanket provide a heat shield preventing fire spread.FIRE SAFETY DEVICES

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